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Q: Who can join the Foundation?  Answer

Q: Who can join?  Answer

Please add you voice to our campaign to increase the number of sessions funded under the Better Access Scheme for BPD

We have set up a petition on requesting an increase in the number of Medicare funded psychologist appointment under the Better Access initiative to 40 visits for Borderline Personality Disorder and other complex mental illnesses

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Australian BPD Foundation

Hear about new treatments improving the wellbeing of families of mothers diagnosed with #BPD on RadioNational's #AllintheMind program.

The program also delivers a better understanding of the additional challenges faced by women living with #mentalillness while raising kids!

#mentalhealth #borderlinepersonalitydisorder
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Australian BPD Foundation

Are you a parent of a child aged 0-19 years?

We are inviting anyone currently parenting a child aged 0-19 years to participate in a study exploring some of the experiences and challenges of being a parent. In this research project, we aim to investigate parent’s perceptions of stress, satisfaction and efficacy in their parenting role, and how this relates to how they were parented as a child.

Participants will be asked to complete an anonymous online survey with questions about their perceptions of being a parent, their experience of how they were parented, and their mental wellbeing. The online survey should take approximately 60 minutes to complete, with participation only required once (no follow up). This project is being conducted by researchers at Project Air Strategy.

If you wish to participate, click on the following link:
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Australian BPD Foundation

There is still time to register for our clinical skills workshop on 'working with people with self-harm and other complex mental health problems including personality disorder'.

This workship is run over two days (18-19th Feb 2019) and has a focus on the assessment and treatment of complex clients, informed by principles of DBT and Project Air's relational model.

Head over to our website for more information.
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