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BPD Awareness Day Conference 2011

A/Prof. Andrew. Chanen - "Early intervention and prevention"

Dr Andrew Chanen discusses the role of early intervention. He holds clinical appointments as a consultant psychiatrist and associate medical director at Orygen Youth Health, and as a consultant psychiatrist at the Adolescent Forensic Health Service in Melbourne. At Orygen Youth Health he founded and directs the HYPE Clinic, an early intervention program for borderline personality disorder.





Dr.J.Beatson -"Advances in the Treatment of BPD"

Dr. Beatson talks about Advances in Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder.
Dr. Josephine Beatson is a Senior Clinical Advisor to Spectrum Personality Disorder Service Victoria and a Consultant Psychiatrist and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist with over 20 years experience in public and private settings. She has a particular interest in the understanding and treatment of severe personality disorders and promotion of reflective practice with these clients.




Merinda Epstein - "Borderline, the diagnosis of shame"

Merinda Epstein has been fighting oppression against people diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder for twenty years. For much of this time she has been a lone consumer voice, as it is only in very recent times that people have started to feel safe enough to publicly own this diagnosis. In 2004 she co-won the Australian Government's Human Rights Award in the community category. She is a member of the National Ministerial Expert Advisory Committee on Borderline Personality Disorder.




Panel - "Where to from here?"

After the lunch break workshops were held focusing on "Where are we at and What are we moving towards?" culminating in a 9-point plan being presented to a panel addressing "Where to from here".





The panel comprised
Isabell Collins (VMIAC),
Indigo Daya (Voices Vic),
Merinda Epstein (Our Consumer Place),
Robyn Humphries (NW AMHS),
Julien Leith (VMHCN),
Eileen McDonald (carer),
Sue McLean (Albert Road Clinic),
Janne McMahon (Private Mental Health Consumer & Carer Network Aust),
Senator Claire Moore,
Dr Sathya Rao (Spectrum) and
Ruth Vine (Chief Psychiatrist).

The following 9 point plan was presented to the panel from the workshops:
• Training and Skill Development (attitude change)
• More such Conferences
• National Alliance -- Consumer at the centre
• Community Awareness Campaigns
• Change of Name
• Access to formalised national BPD services such as Spectrum, but with better access
• Humanistic approach - current MH system is dehumanizing and retraumatising
• Retain the 18 sessions available under better access program
• Emphasis or focus of treatment based on emotions and feelings, not behaviours

Closing Segment:

Yung Philly entertains delegates at the closing segment of the Inaugural National BPD Awareness Day in 2011.