Advocacy & Support for

Borderline Personality Disorder
& Complex Trauma

Role of Medication

  • There is no specific medication for BPD. Medication may be a useful addition to therapy; however, it should not be the only treatment.

  • For some people medication can help reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, impulsivity, anger and mood swings allowing them to get the most out of therapy and life.

  • Medications may help ease a crisis, but it is important not to continue the same medication after the crisis is resolved.

  • Medications can produce several side effects eg weight gain, excessive sleepiness etc.

  • As well as its direct effect, medication often has a powerful symbolic function This can include feelings of being cared about, not being cared about, empowered, disempowered, having something unwanted forced upon them.

  • Stopping medication may be perceived as abandonment.

  • Unfortunately, long term, medication based treatment alone does not help the person to develop a stable sense of who they are and to learn new skills to manage their overwhelming emotions. Medication may dampen feelings, However, in the longer term the person needs to learn skills to help them tolerate and manage their intense feelings rather than push or hide these feelings away.