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Borderline Personality Disorder
& Complex Trauma

BPD Awareness Week 2020 - Flipping the Script: Changing the Narrative of BPD  

 'Flipping the Script: Changing the Narrative of BPD' is the national campaign focus of BPD Awareness Week 2020

We know that there is a lot of stigma and discrimination surrounding the diagnosis of BPD.  In addition many people with BPD experience a lot of self-stigma.

This year's theme and the theme for the Foundations Annual conference is challenging everyone to:

  • Change the way we think about ourselves
  • Allow others to see our challenges
  • Educate ourselves and others
  • Move towards strengths-based thinking
  • Celebrates our strengths

This is important for our self-worth, helps us to understand our own and others behaviours and lead to sustainable wellness.

Social Media Tiles

Download the sets of posters developed around the Theme 'Flipping the script'

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Contributing your artwork

Much of the (mostly) historical language contained in research concerning people living with BPD is stigmatising, discriminatory and inappropriate. Research has acknowledged that many people with lived experience of personality disorder use art to process, identify and work through their self-stigma. predominantly how they process the way they feel about the BPD diagnosis and the attached language around it - we know that it can affect how we see ourselves.

For examples of the work go to the BPD Awareness Week website