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for Borderline Personality Disorder

BPD Awareness Week 2018 - Know BPD. NO Stigma.

'KNOW BPD, NO STIGMA' is the national campaign focus of BPD Awareness Week 2018

We know there is a lot of negative talk surrounding BPD. The KNOW BPD, NO STIGMA campaign acknowledges this, and uses a strength-based approach to change the narrative around the words Borderline Personality Disorder.

We truly believe that education leads to understanding. With understanding, comes compassion, and compassion leads to empathy. We believe once people truly know the facts about BPD and see the complex human beings behind it that it will decrease stigma and end discrimination. We simply believe that to know and understand BPD will eventually result in no stigma.

The campaign delivers facts, in an accessible way. It aims to be non-threatening. It promotes recovery, positivity and hope. It asks for compassion, empathy and understanding.

Voices are very important to us. Listening to the experts themselves, the consumers and carers, and of course bringing in the strong voices of our allies in the treatment, research and caring communities, our professors, mental health clinicians and support workers.

The campaign is designed using co-design and co-production principles, which means that the users design the product with the support of the designer.

Consultation and feedback is sought at every point of production in a systematic way that removes hierarchy and power roles by anonymous input. This means that no one has a more powerful voice than anyone else and decisions are made by majority impact.

The outcome of this project is resources are available for download in four distinct categories:

Infographics – Quick facts that dispel the myths of BPD.

Download the infographics pack

Quotes and Lived Experience – The voices of our consumers, carers and clinicians

Download the Lived Experience pack

Self-care Strategies – some self-care ideas for those who are struggling

Download the self-care pack

The Service support – posters to show clients you support people with BPD

Download the service pack

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