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for Borderline Personality Disorder


As more and more people are speaking about their lived experience of living with or supporting someone with BPD.  The Foundation has developed a "Tips and Tricks for Lived Experience Advocacy" information sheet as a guide.

There are currently a number of consultations underway at the moment exploring issues surrounding mental health.

These offer you an opportunity to have a say and have your voice heard. 

2020 Consultation into the Commonwealth Government’s proposed Adult Mental Health Centre model - Consultation paper - Our submission

2019 Productivity Commission: Mental Health

In October 2018, the Government announced a Productivity Commission inquiry into the role of mental health in supporting economic participation and enhancing the nation’s productivity.

The Foundations submission for the Productivity Commission is available for download.  Thank you to everyone who shared there experiences to inform our submission.

2019 Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality & Safety

The Australian BPD Foundation has prepared a submission for the Aged Care Royal Commission available for download here.

We feel this is an important area - the the lack of knowledge around the diagnosis of BPD and how to appropriately care for the aged population who have a diagnosis of BPD is potentially resulting in unnecessary distress for the person (inappropriate interactions and possibly overuse of restraints), their family and to service providers (either 'in home care' services or within an aged care facility).

2019_2020 VICTORIAN Government Royal Commission into Mental Health 

The Commissioners conducting the Royal Commission are Penny Armytage (Chair), Associate Professor Alex Cockram, Professor Allan Fels and Professor Bernadette McSherry. Professor Patrick McGorry has been appointed Chair of the Expert Advisory Panel.

The Commissioners are tasked with 'investigating and reporting on how Victoria's mental health system can most effectively prevent mental illness, and deliver treatment, care and support so that all those in the Victorian community can experience their best mental health, now and into the future'.

In 2020 our President Rita Brown was invited to present a witness statement to the Commission which may be accessed form the commission's website.

The Foundations formal submission to the Royal Commission is available for download.  Thank you to everyone who shared there experiences to inform our submission.  We incorporated as many as we could.

Click here to read the Foundation's submission to the Consultation to determine the Terms of Reference. We asked that the Victorian Royal Commission into Mental Health specifically investigate the serious problems experienced by people with (or a probable) diagnosis of a PERSONALITY DISORDER within its Terms of Reference.