Advocacy & Support for

Borderline Personality Disorder
& Complex Trauma

Webinar 3 - Evidence Based Treatments and Access

1. Introductions and learning outcomes: 00:00
2. Psychiatrist Perspective: 13:01
3. Mental Health Nurse Perspective: 23:08
4. Carers Perspective: 37:10
5. Q&A and summaries: 53:37

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An interdisciplinary panel discuss evidence based treatments for people living with Borderline Personality Disorder.

Through an exploration of borderline personality disorder, the webinar will provide participants with the opportunity to:
1. Identify the evidence based treatments for BPD
2. Outline the limitation and lack of available services to access evidence based treatments.
3. Identify the core principles of an example of an evidence based treatment for BPD eg: Dialectical Behaviour Therapy

Panelists: Dr. Martha Kent OAM (SA - Psychiatrist)
Pip Bradley (Vic - Mental Health Nurse)
Fred Ford (carer)
Facilitator: Dr. Lyn O’Grady (VIC Community Psychologist)

Funded by the Australian Government

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Open Your Mind Before You Open Your Mouth video series
A series of videos demonstrating how Dialectical Behavioral Therapy helps patients and their families.
This series was developed jointly by NEA.BPD (Dr. Alan Fruzzetti) and the National Office for Suicide Prevention in Ireland (HSE), 2014.

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