Support Promote Advocate

for Borderline Personality Disorder

Mission & Values

VISION: People living with borderline personality disorder (BPD), personality difficulties and complex trauma access appropriate and optimistic treatment and support.

MISSION: To advocate for systemic change and enable a positive culture that supports the recovery and wellbeing of people with BPD (+/- complex trauma) and their families/carers.

PURPOSE: To bring together people with lived experience, carers, health and mental health researchers, clinicians and treatment experts to advocate for people with BPD (+/- complex trauma) to access equitable evidence-based treatment and support.

The Foundation AIMS to support and promote services which

  • provide high quality accessible, timely, responsive and appropriate services, treatment and care for people with BPD and their families/carers.
  • provide high quality and accessible education and support for families/carers of people with BPD
  • provide high quality appropriate education for clinicians and frontline workers providing treatment and care for people with BPD and their carers /families.
  • promote a positive culture for those with BPD and to advocate for accessible and appropriate services provided by highly skilled professionals offering choice within an environment of hope and optimism 
  • improve the well-being of people with BPD and their families/carers and clinicians and others in the community who assist them.
  • provide high quality scientific research about all aspects of BPD